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Have Truth – Will Travel

These past few years, I have had the God-given privilege to travel to

Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda & N. Ireland

Taking with me the Truth

Of the Apostles’ Doctrine

Establishing Believers on the Knowledge, Jesus is the Son of God, Baptizing many in the

Name of Jesus Christ

Bishop (Dr.) Bill W. Williams

Founder of Apostolic Ambassadors

World Wide Ministries

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The Foundations of Apostolic Doctrine

The Apostles Preached God Raised Jesus Christ From the Dead

The Apostles Taught God Raised Jesus Christ from the Dead

The Apostles Commanded Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ

The Promise of the Holy Spirit Given to Every Believer in Jesus

What the Apostles Preached and Taught Concerning the Man, Jesus

An Explanation of Proof Texts Used to Prove the Trinity Doctrine

Bishop Coslette Bryan
Teaching on Acts 2:36

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Directly to the Foreign

Missions Unless otherwise specified

What is Man – The Plan of God

An Exhaustive Series of Studies


The Chronological Gospels

Running Commentary of the Gospel


This Series will take you through the 4 Gospels from the perspective of an Apostolic Believer, in 15 to 20 minute studies.  A must for those in the ministry and the serious Bible student.


A series of studies on one of the most important questions ever asked in the History of the World, "What is Man that you are mindful of him and the Son of Man that you visit him?"

Basic, foundational teaching on the

Apostles’ Doctrine