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An Explanation of Verses Commonly Used As Proof Texts To Prove “Jesus Is God”

For nearly 2 millennia, the Doctors of Religion has been misrepresenting the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by teaching that Jesus was something other than the Man Approved of God, as preached by the Apostles.

Here is a list the verses most commonly and mistakenly used by Trinitarians and Oneness theologians to prove Jesus Christ is either the 2nd Person of the Trinity or God, Himself.  I pray these videos and accompanying writings prove profitable to you in understanding the truth of what these so-called “proof texts” are saying.

Proof texts are scriptures used for the most part outside of their context or the intent of the author to prove things contrary to sound doctrine.

An Explanation of Matthew 1:23 – Is Jesus God with us?

An Explanation of Isa 9:6 - Is Jesus the Mighty God?

An Explanation of John 8:58 - Did Jesus Pre-Exist

An Explanation of Acts 20:28 - Did God Shed His Blood?

An Explanation of John 1:14 - Did God Become a Man 1

An Explanation of John 1:14 - Did God Become a Man 2

An Explanation of Titus 2:13 - Is Jesus the Great God?

An Explanation of John 3:8 - Did Jesus Speak in Tongues?

An Explanation of Col 2:9 - Is the Godhead in Jesus?

An Explanation of John 20:28 - Did Thomas Call Jesus God?

An Explanation of Heb 1:8 -  Did God call Jesus God?

An Explanation of ICor 8:6   To Us There is But One God

An Explanation of John 6:38 - How Did Jesus Come Down From Heaven?

An Explanation of John 14:7-11  Jesus Showed Us the Father

An Explanation of ITim 3:16 - Did God Become Flesh? Never!

An Explanation of John 10:30 – Did Jesus Claim to be his own Father?  Of course not!