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Pastor and Schoolmaster George Ochienge          The Mathre Slums of Nairobi

This mission is nothing short of a Labor of Love rendered by Schoolmaster Pastor George Ocheing, his dear wife and a crew of dedicated, poorly paid teachers, who sacrifice themselves to prepare children in such a way that those children may escape the desperate poverty in which they were born.  Let us hold them up before the Lord and support them as God gives us grace to be generous.

Schoolmaster and Pastor George Ochienge with Bishop Kimanzi

Bishop Obadiah Kimanzi and Pastor George Ochienge,

Nairobi, Kenya – The Mathare Slums

Bishop Obadiah Kimanzi is the overseer of over 40 churches in Kenya and Uganda and preaches the Apostles doctrine, the baptism in Jesus name and the reception of the Holy Spirit.  
The Need:  The most urgent need of Bishop Kimanzi is to provide for the orphans in the Mathare Slum in Nairobi.  Right now Bishop Kimanzi, together with George Ochienge are trying to build an orphanage outside the slum to house the most vulnerable of the children.
The Goal:  To raise funds to help build the orphanage on a plot of ground that belongs to Bishop Kimanzi’s group.

Ministry to Vulnerable children and orphan in Kenya

Risen Scepter ministries International have been doing critical interventions to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable children and orphans in Kenya. Among the programs in place towards this is the excellent care center which is located in Kenya’s second largest slum known as Mathare. This slum was one of the epicenters of post-election violence experienced in 2007/2008. High prevalence of HIV/AIDS coupled with abject poverty has led to the presence of many orphans and vulnerable children who lack such basic needs as food clothing and shelter. To those orphans an education is a luxury rather than of a basic right. In this slum RSMI has established a makeshift school and orphanage to take care of the children. Seven hundred children are taken care of in this center going by the name RSMI excellent Care Center and orphanage. Most children come to school in the day and go home. However sixty of them who are absolute orphan stay in the center as the have nowhere to go. Those who go home still face such challenges occasioned by the poor housing, and inadequacy of other needs like food and medical care.

In the summer of 1012 Maura Brown of Athy Ireland visited the orphanage and was touched by the plight of the children who were leaning and living in such horrible conditions .After prayer and much thinking she decided to do something about the children. The Lord helped her to raise some funds that were used in feeding the children and doing some improvement in the housing and the environment of the center. However this was only a short time intervention which was a great blessing to the children. Activities are now under way to purchase a permanent peace of land to construct an orphanage and a school where these kids will be fed and receive an education in a clean and friendly environment. This going to be an integrated child development project where the children will be educated, taught life skills as well Christian values. The orphanage will also hire farms to grow food for the children. In the long run an endowment fund will be developed so that many orphans and vulnerable children will benefit.   On the 27th of July 24, 2013 Maura Brown takes a step of faith towards the realization of this goal by holding a fair in Athy Ireland to raise funds for the orphanage. All are called upon to led a helping hand to the children of Kenya.

Striving to Give Children Hope

for the Future by Education

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