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Pastor Martin Abisha Ongondo

The Churches and Orphanage

In Rongo, Kenya, East Africa

A Man After God’s Own Heart

My dear friend, Pastor Martin that I met in Kenya was an orphan, himself, roaming the streets from 2 to 7 years old.  Now he has a tremendous affinity with the street orphans in Rongo, Kenya where he is building an orphanage to house 250 children.  When we met our spirits melded together and Pastor Martin embraced the Truth of the Apostles doctrine, submitted to the baptism in Jesus name, believing and now preaching Jesus is the Son of God.  This young man works feverishly for the Kingdom, supporting widows and orphans, preaching the Gospel, and is a prime source for bibles and study materials for the brethren in Western Kenya.  This brother is worthy of all the prayers and support we can muster.

Pastor Martin Abisah Ongondo preaches the Apostles’ Doctrine that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and not God, the baptism in Jesus name and the reception of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Martin oversees 13 churches in the rural areas of Kenya, just south of Lake Victoria and operates an orphanage in that area.  He helps the most vulnerable, unwanted children, victims of abuse, orphaned by parents who died of aids, and children abandoned to the streets.

The Need:  The need for Pastor Martin is extreme.  The orphans have daily need of food clothing, health care, and schooling.  In Kenya, every child must pay for their education.  The orphanage is barely livable, and new one needs to be built.  Pastor Martin has desperate need to help cover the costs of overseeing 13 churches that are in poverty.  

The Goal:  4 families or churches to provide monthly stipend for the needs of the orphanage and the ministry of Pastor Martin.  To raise enough money to build a new facility that will house 250 orphans.

To Support This Mission

My yokefellow in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ

Through good brethren in America, Pastor Martin has been able to secure Bibles, which he passes on to those in need in Kenya.
Here Pastor Martin has passed out Bibles and other reference materials in Kakamega, Kenya where Bishop Nduku pastors.

To Support This Mission