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Foreign Missions – Rwanda

Pastor Jean Pierre Nkunda
Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries

Rwanda Region

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Meet Pastor Jean Pierre Nkunda of Kilgali, Rwanda

Twenty years ago, when Jean Pierre was just nine years old, a million Rwandans were brutally murdered in a genocidal effort to wipe out the tribe Jean Pierre Nkunda was born into. Neighbors, friends, and acquaintances rose up in a mad frenzy to obliterate their neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

Jean Pierre, at nine years of age watched as his mother and father, along with his 9 brothers and sisters were brutally murdered before his eyes.  Overlooked by those cruel men, Jean Pierre was led by a family friend to a remote village where he was raised and later educated by a missionary group. Certain to live in the bitterness of this horror, Jean Pierre’s life was reclaimed by the redemptive power of God through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

In 2007 Minister Nkunda, along with ten other ministers founded Calvary Christian Church in the city he grew up in. He is now the Lead Pastor of about 40 churches. Is not the love of God a wonder to behold!

While on my missionary journey to East Africa I flew to Kigali, Rwanda to hold a 2 day conference for Pastor Nkunda and the congregation he pastors.  Pastor Nkunda asked me to come to explain the Apostles’ Doctrine and the entrance to the church.  After 2 days of meetings we drove into the mountains of Rwanda and upon finding a pleasant little stream of clear water, I baptized Jean Pierre in Jesus name, along with 3 more pastors.  What a glorious time in the Lord.

As soon as I left Rwanda, I began to receive reports of several dozens of people in the churches Pastor Nkunda oversees being baptized and receiving the Holy Spirit.  In one place alone he baptized several pastors who went on to baptize a total of 73 believers.  Since then, many, many more have been baptized in western Rwanda and some from Tanzania.  How marvelous the grace of God.