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In 2014 my wife, Sister Pat and I personally visited East Africa, the nations of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.  Everyone of the brethren and churches I visited stand in great need of support, both in our prayers and by our generous donations.  I know and can attest to the reliability of every Pastor, Schoolmaster, Evangelist, and Orphanage in the Network of Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries.  Each are verified as having legitimate need and are of good character.  This ministry only supports those who preach and teach the Apostles’ Doctrine and uphold the biblical standards of godliness.

All of those that the AAWWM Network supports are worthy of your generosity and your prayers.  May the Spirit of God unction you to support the Labor of Love performed by these good people of East Africa, in Jesus name.

In the love of Christ and by His grace,

Bishop (Dr.) Bill W. Williams
Founder of Apostolic Ambassadors World Wide Ministries